kids snack time

I have 13 grandchildren plus a few kids that I babysit during the week, so snacks go fast around this house.  The of snacks will rob you blind at the grocery store. I had to come up with some great alternatives that are both healthy and that the kids would love.  The one little guy that I watch is 10 months old and his mother brought him some name brand Yogurt drops. They are little drops of freeze dried yogurt that melt in their mouths. Well needless to say my 7 year old grandson decided to try them one day and he fell in love.  When I looked at them at the store they were almost $4 a bag.  One bag of those would not last at this house for one day. So I had to find a way to recreate them for cheaper than $4.  I searched Pinterest and what do you know I found a couple recipes. Most of them were basically the same recipe. A couple egg whites whipped to hard peak and fold in two individual size containers of any flavor yogurt.  Put the yogurt egg mixture in a piping bag or in my case a Ziploc bag, with the corner cut off and drop small dots on drying rack of the food dehydrator. Set dehydrator at 125 for 6 hours or till no longer sticky.  Well the first batch went flat because I didn’t whip my eggs long enough. So I decided to try it again. The second batch was better but still flat in the end. They still melt in your mouth but just to flat. So I went in search for more recipes to find one that actually turns out fluffy like the store bought ones.  I found the what I thought would work and went at it. Well they are perfect. I just needed to add a little corn starch and sugar to the recipe and use a higher heat in the dehydrator. You can also use the oven but my oven is hard to gauge the heat so I just used the dehydrator.  The recipe is as follows:

2 Tablespoons of cornstarch

2 Tablespoons of sugar

2 Tablespoons of dry milk or formula if only babies are eating them

4 Tablespoons of yogurt

2 Egg whites

Mix together the dry ingredients, stir in the yogurt.  Beat the egg whites into a stiff peak. Take a small part of egg whites and fold them into the yogurt. Then slowly fold that into the rest of the egg whites. Don’t stir or that will flatten the egg whites. Then fill a pastry bag or Ziploc bag with the mixture and drop onto wax paper for oven use or parchment paper for dehydrator use.  To process in the oven set oven to 215 for 60 minutes. For dehydrator set to highest temp, mine is 155 for 2-3 hours. let cool on paper then remove and store in jars or ziploc bags.

They look just like the store bought ones and melt in your mouth. They are easy and cheap to make. Even the hubby likes them.

Tomorrow we are making granola come back for pictures of yogurt drops and granola tomorrow.

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