Here Kitty Kitty

This has nothing to do with living on less. I guess you could say it is a tale of being helpful, rescuer and just plain crazy. A week or so ago I noticed an adult cat lurking around my next door neighbors central air unit. We have quite a few feral cats in our development so stray cats running around is nothing new. A few days later as we were mowing the yard, I noticed the same cat at the same spot and then I saw two little kittens. Well it turns out there are 5 kitties and the mother living in the air duct.  I went and got my neighbor to show him and then we saw what those little devils had done to his unit.  Somehow the mother scratched a hole into the cold air tube that takes the cold air from the unit and sends it into his house. When I say a hole I should say you could drive a truck through it, well a Tonka truck. So now my neighbor knew there was no way he could turn on his air. But how are we going to get these kitties out of the hose. So hubby thinks we can catch them with the help of a live trap, however we don’t have one.  Who can we call for a live trap? Someone hubby works with had a problem with raccoons and thankfully he had a trap. So now we had to bait the trap and then what? My daughter brought a huge box home from work and we can put the caught kittens in the trap, ok we are set.


First day with live trap, my daughter caught one and we put the first kitten in the box with a blanket, some food and water. Now everyone has gone to work so its up to me to catch the rest. Mid morning I look out my kitchen window and see I have caught mamma cat in the trap. Oh darn it, Now what? Well wouldn’t you know the little ones are all out and trying to get to mamma. What can I do now? I remember we had a fishing net on a pole, maybe I can catch them in that while they are outside checking out mamma? So I get the net and sneak out to the air conditioner. The kittens are all around eating and trying to get mamma. I snuck up, see three little kitties and I swiped down over one. Alright, I caught one. Put him in with his brother. Now I need three more. Well throughout the day I caught the last three in the same manner. Now I have 5 little kitties in a box in my shed, Uh I don’t even really like kitties but these are adorable.

My daughter comes home from work and we check them all out. We have 4 males and only one female and mamma cat still in the live trap. What are we going to do with them? We called the vet and she gave us some suggestions but also informed us that the rescues and the humane society is overrun with kittens right now. Best bet is to find homes for them.  So my daughter posted them on the local yard sale page on Facebook with a picture of their cute faces. Within an hour we had homes for two of the kittens. But we still had three to go. We fixed up a large tote with a litter box, blanket and food and water and covered the top so they wouldn’t escape till we found homes. I checked on them constantly with the help of my grandson, who thinks we should keep them all, of course. I check on them before I go to bed and make sure they have plenty of water and food for the night and no kitties? My daughter comes over and we search. Well there is no way they can get out of the shed but where did they go? The shed is new and is 10 x 12 but there is shelves, a tool chest and a very large heavy work bench. But no kittens? My poor daughter had to stand on the work bench and search behind it. There they are hiding. Well needless to say it was a circus. They would run one way we’d go the other. Oh brother, all the while my grandson, who is no help mind you, the hubby decides he’s going to help. Yeah  he’s about as much help as my grandson. These little guys are hissing at us and scratch at us, you would think they are mountain lions or something the way we  Finally after much searching we get them all rounded up and back in the tote.

We have now found homes for all but one of the little guys but pretty sure he will go soon. The mamma we tried to put her in tote but she just jumped right out. So we still need to try and catch her again and get her fixed so we have no more surprises.

Needless to say it was quite the experience. I don’t think anyone will hire us to catch their wild animals or even kittens.




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