Left me in stitches

I was over helping my son at his new store and thought I’d pick up some wood that was laying on the floor. Didn’t know that there was metal attached to the back of it and cut my finger. Well it bled so I just wrapped it in a paper towel and some electric tape and kept working. I knew I didn’t have any peroxide or band aids at home so I stopped at the Dollar General on my way home to pick some up. I think the cashier was wondering about the electric tape. Well when I got home I thought I better clean it out and I realized it was way worse then I realized.  So when hubby got home from work I said we better go to Urgent Care. Needless to say it was way worse than I thought. I needed stitches. I have lived 53 years and have never needed stitches so I was not prepared for this. The Dr was nice enough to tell me that the numbing shots would hurt worse than the cut. Well lets just say she was not exaggerating. She started with 3 shots and it felt pretty numb. Then she got to the 3rd stitch and I about jumped off the table. So she had to give me 2 more lovely shots. She put in the last two stitches and I was patched up. Now how do you take care of a 9 month old and can with your finger banged up? Well it’s not easy but I got it all. So needless to say, next time I help my son, this chick will be wearing gloves. IMG_1016[1]

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