Its been a long week

Sorry I haven’t updated this week. It has been a jam packed week of watching kiddos, cleaning, laundry and helping my son get his new store ready to open. Then a trip to New Jersey today for our newest grandsons baptism.  This is one tired Grandma. I guess I finally realized I’m not 29 anymore. My body is a hurting pup today but this too shall pass.

My son runs a online store, but has wanted to open a brick and mortar store for sometime.  He finally found an old building in a small town near our hometown but it needs a lot of repairs and renovations. A huge task when he lives in Long Island and the stores in Central PA. So last week he was on vacation and came down to start the work. I volunteered to do some painting so I spent Friday and Saturday painting the front of the store. The store is right on the Appalachian trail so it will have a lot of hiking, camping and fishing supplies. It was awesome to talk to some of the hikers as they passed by. We talked to hikers from as far away as England. They are all very friendly and helpful with suggestions of items they would purchase while hiking. The town in general has been very positive in the store coming to town. They have offered help in so many ways that we could not believe how helpful everyone is being.  The building has gone through a few floods so we had to tear down walls because we were afraid of black mold. Then we find out the roof leaked in and will need to be replaced. Talking to one of the adjoining store owner,s we found out there is community groups that will help and now we are getting a new roof. People are just so amazing and helpful.

When you are working on a budget to repair and renovate you take a lot of help when you can get it. My nephew helped tear out walls and brought us some rough lumber to use for walls and a stack of old metal roofing for the log house interior design we were trying to achieve. We won’t be open for a few months but its getting there and it looks better than it did at the beginning of the week.

I am set to start dehydrating all kinds of meals to sell at the store. Along with Jerky, granola and other whatever else we get ideas for. So I will be making good use of the dehydrator in the coming weeks.

Take care and I hope you have a great week.

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