kids snack time

I have 13 grandchildren plus a few kids that I babysit during the week, so snacks go fast around this house.  The of snacks will rob you blind at the grocery store. I had to come up with some great alternatives that are both healthy and that the kids would love.  The one little guy […]

Busy weekend

So I have had a very busy week and weekend. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads, granddads and step dads. My hubby is a step dad to my kids and he is a great dad. We have a great blended family and lots of grandchildren to love. If you read my other stories you […]

Don’t be chicken about broth

I have canned for more years than I can remember. No matter where I have lived I have always canned vegetables to use throughout the winter. My mother and grandmother taught me how to can but we only did water bath canning. So we did pickles, tomatoes, green beans and peaches. Now that I am […]


Lately I have been adding to my stored food supply with my dehydrator. I was fortunate to find a great dehydrator on my Amazon Review trader site. The cost was 1/2 the cost of the original price and I couldn’t pass it up.  I did the normal fruit to start but now I am getting […]

Here Kitty Kitty

This has nothing to do with living on less. I guess you could say it is a tale of being helpful, rescuer and just plain crazy. A week or so ago I noticed an adult cat lurking around my next door neighbors central air unit. We have quite a few feral cats in our development […]

Left me in stitches

I was over helping my son at his new store and thought I’d pick up some wood that was laying on the floor. Didn’t know that there was metal attached to the back of it and cut my finger. Well it bled so I just wrapped it in a paper towel and some electric tape […]

Jammin it up

What to do when someone gives you a flat of fresh picked strawberries. Make some jam! I love a good jam and strawberry is our favorite. But the hubby is a diabetic so I thought I’d would try some sugar free jam for him and regular for everyone else. The berries were large and really […]

Breakfast is done

The ongoing battle is what everyone is eating for breakfast at our house.  Between my hubby and my grandson, who is here for 2 hours before he gets on the bus. No one knows what they want for breakfast. My hubby goes in spurts of what he wants. For weeks he will want cereal and […]

Its been a long week

Sorry I haven’t updated this week. It has been a jam packed week of watching kiddos, cleaning, laundry and helping my son get his new store ready to open. Then a trip to New Jersey today for our newest grandsons baptism.  This is one tired Grandma. I guess I finally realized I’m not 29 anymore. […]