You gotta go Prime

I do not like to pay for things that I can make myself, but there are somethings you just can’t make. Toilet paper for one. Well I guess you could but I still like to have my paper on a roll.  I have tried coupons and sales but I somehow don’t come out like these super couponers with a stock pile of toilet paper. Guess I just don’t understand their shopping rituals.  But I do belong to Amazon Prime and I love to do shopping that I don’t have to leave my house.  So I thought I would check out their deals on some of the things that I can’t do without. When I started searching I found that I could do better than couponing on some of my regular used items especially toilet paper.  I them found out if you join the subscribe and save I could even save more.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are some things on Amazon that aren’t cheaper than buying local but when you shop once a month its easier to just have some things delivered on a schedule. The nice part of subscribe and save is that you can pick the date you want it shipped and how frequently.

There are two things on my subscribe and save that are basically a must, dish detergent and toilet paper. Two things that get used the most in my house. I have tried to make my own dish detergent but I just wasn’t happy with any of the recipes that I found.  In a conversation with my daughter she was talking about Mrs. Meyers products and how much she loved using the more natural cleaners. So I found them at our local Target store. I tried the dish detergent first, since that was one of the products my daughter loved the most.

I will tell you I have used most liquid dish detergents that you can buy but this stiff is just 100% better than all of them. I unfortunately do not have a dish washer in my house, unless you count me. I hand wash every dish that we use.  A good dish detergent is really important.  The bottle is half the size of your everyday dish detergent bottles but I am telling you, first hand it will last you at least 1 month. Think I’m crazy, well yeah I am, but I will tell you it will. They all say squirt a little in the sink and you can do a whole sink full of dishes.  We all know that is not the case. But with Mrs. Meyers is it. I even have hard water and rarely do I need to add more soap. I will tell you that I have given strict order that it not be used to wash hands, wash cars, etc.  But we also use the Mrs. Meyers liquid hand soap.

The other great thing about their products is they come in an amazing variety of scents. They offer different scents throughout the year for spring, summer, fall and winter. My favorite scent unfortunately is Mum that is only available in the fall. I have found that if you go to Target after the holidays they mark down all the holiday scents. I have quite the stock pile of the hand soap in the christmas scents for 1/3 of the price.  I also use the all purpose cleaning spray.  The smell is amazing and it cleans like a dream.  They have a great choice of products all available on Amazon as well.

The price for Amazon prime is not that great but they do offer free subscriptions for mom and students so you may qualify for that and take advantage of that if you can.  I think it is great deal and has paid for itself with all the discounts and free shipping that I have used over the past two years.  I hope you will give it a try. They do let you try it for a month and you can cancel if you don’t like it. So its win win.


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