Memorial Day

Today is a day to pay tribute to those that have served their country and paid the cost for our freedom. These soldiers are the true American Heroes. I hold the highest respect for all those that have served and continue to serve for no other purpose than to protect and serve.  In our family we have a lot of military members. From my father and step father who served in many battles including Korea.  My son served for many years. He was in Bosnia during the war and also Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan he was wounded with the rest of his patrol. He let all his men go for medical help before himself. He didn’t go out for help till the next day. He is my hero. He suffered traumatic brain concussions and a broken back. He stayed in VA hospital for several months but still suffered for months after. He is doing great today but still takes daily medication to help with all his pain. He was one of the lucky ones, he got to come home. I have friends that weren’t so lucky with their sons and daughters.

So today is in celebration of all the brave soldiers that didn’t make it home. We forget sometimes that its not just the soldier on the front line that suffers during conflicts. The spouses, children and parents of soldiers must endure and support their loved ones here and abroad. The military life isn’t for sissies. The pay is low, your move all over the world and a lot of times they are single parents while their loved one serves our country. They uproot their families and have to start over time and time again. The friends they make along the way are awesome but they have to leaves them behind as they move to a new base.

My daughter and her husband are in the Air Force. My son in law is now serving and my daughter is now raising our grandsons. But they have moved 3 times in the past 10 years and will be moving once again in August. My son in law did two tours in Iraq. During those two tours my daughter maintained the household and had took care of my grandsons. It was never easy for her and she took it all in stride, because that is what military families do. They live with new orders, housing issues, school schedules and many other issues that only military families would understand. Military wives are really the glue that holds the families together.

While my son was serving in the Army National Guard, my daughter in law was that glue. It seemed each time he got deployed to a new place they were getting ready to have another child. Not sure how she did it with a new baby and the older children but she persevered and she took care of the family. She has put up with a lot of challenges with my sons military career because he was deployed so many times. But they survived it all and I must say I am so proud of not only the men  in our family but also the wives. They may not get the patches and the medals that their husbands do but they sure deserve them.

So thank a veteran today and everyday for the sacrifices that they must endure to help protect our freedom in this great country of ours.



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