My biggest bargain secret (shhhhh)

I love a great bargain. I am always on the look out for bargains and new ways to get them. About a year ago I did a google search on free products. Well did I find the mother load. With little to no payout I found the bargain shoppers dream. If you want to spend a little bit of time and money you too can get these bargains. It just takes an email address, an amazon account and your time. The best kept secret is a website called, This site is connected with thousands of sellers and Amazon. You can find just about anything you are looking for at many different prices. To begin you need to go to Vipon website and sign up as a reviewer. They will in turn send you an email if they accept you as a reviewer, found most anyone can be. Then you just log onto their site, select go shopping and pick away. You need to request offers and then check back in a day or so to see if they approved your request.  Recently they have added a new feature, Instant deals, that everyone gets approved for. I have received some great items from cell phone cases, vitamins, essential oils to a food dehydrator.  I always sort from least to most price and go from there. You can also just choose a category to choose from. They have anything and everything to pick from. When I first started they required you to leave a review on amazon after you received your item and then state that you received the item in exchange for your review. But over the past year they had to change that rule. Now Amazon will not allow them to require you do a review. However, the seller will email you and ask you to please leave a review but you can’t state that you received it in exchange for review.

I also got my daughter hooked on Vipon and between the two of us we are both star reviewers. We have found ourselves checking Vipon prior to buying things on other sites or even locally. I purchased many items for christmas, birthdays, etc to keep my budget down. They carry such a wide variety of items that you can find something for anyone for gifts.  I have bought clothing, appliances, shoes, baby items and toys. The prices range considerably through the site but as I said I always start with lowest price first. There are oftem a wide variety of items for no money but most are one dollar or more. Truly a fractions of the original cost.

Once you are approved for an item, the seller will place it in your deal request file with an approval code. The approval code is needed to buy it on Amazon. When you get the approval code you simply copy it and click on buy which takes you right to the Amazon page and at checkout you put the code in the coupon, discount box and the price change is reflected. Since I am an Amazon Prime member I rarely pay for shipping on these items.  One thing to remember that some of the sellers are from China, Hong Kong, etc so shipping on those items does take quite a bit longer to receive. For the most part, I do have most items in a few days.

So take it from me this is the best bargain shoppers website. You can acquire some wonderful deals and not break the bank. Take the time to check out the website and see what they have to offer. Hopefully you will become a reviewer and enjoy all the thrills that I have.

Below is a picture of the dehydrator that I got from Vipon. The original cost was over $100. I paid $45 with free shipping. I love using it and plan to do a lot more dehydrating with my garden and farmers market finds.



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