Yard sale finds ie: my new summer wardrobe

So I am back from our yard sale excursion. We had a little rain but not enough to stop us.  My daughter and I hit up the army base sale, the salvation army sale and a few others that were packed full of bargains. I stuck to my $20 budget and found enough to safely get me through most of the summer. My treasures include 6 books, 2 pairs of capri’s, 1 pair of shorts, 5 t shirts for the hubby, a jean jacket, a spring/fall jacket, 1 dressy tank, a t shirt, 2 pair of old navy jeans, a pair of american eagle jeans, 2 pair adidas capris and one pair of adidas sweat pants. Not bad for $20. We found lots of bargains for my grandson that my daughter picked up and she got quite a few things for herself including a new Pink (victorias secret brand) jacket and a northface fleece.   Needless to say the trunk and back seat were very full.  So don’t think you can’t get some nice things for not a lot of money because we sure found our share and then some.


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