Saturday, time to hit the yard sales

Its a dreary cold day here but that ok I am off to do some yard sales. One of my favorite weekend things to do is go to yard sales and flea markets. You can find some great items that others haven’t got a use for anymore.  I have set myself to not spend more than $20 today but if I happen to find a bargain that I can’t pass up I may delve into my hidden stash.  In my town today, the local military base is having their community yard sale and it is always a great sale. They are getting ready to move bases and they need to get rid of stuff before they move.  If you are looking for household items, furniture and kids stuff you will find lots of great stuff for not a lot of money. So we are going to hit that one up first and then head to some of the charity yard sales that benefit the local fire departments.

I had a rude awakening yesterday. I know that I put on some weight over the past year but didn’t realize till I tried to get dressed to go on date night just how much.  We have had a little heat wave here for a couple days so I had to dig out the summer clothes from last year. Oh boy, what a depressing day. Nothing and I mean nothing fit. So today I am in search for some shorts, capri’s and anything I can get on me for the summer.  As I was trying on clothes the hubby said just go buy something! Uh, have you not just spent 25 years of your life with me? I am not about to spend $25-40 for one pair of shorts when I can get a whole summer wardrobe for that. So that will be my quest today at the yard sales. Rebuild my wardrobe on my $20 budget.

Lets see what I can find and I will post my findings when I return.  Don’t forget that yard sales are also a great place to stock up on craft items for a fraction of the price. Hope you all have a great day and get out there and find some bargains. Let me know what you find or just couldn’t pass up.

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