Why I love DIY

I know a lot of us like to do projects be it sewing, crafts or other household stuff but how much diy is too much. I for one can’t get enough. I am always searching for my next project. I think I search the internet at least three or four times a day with ideas that I want to create or to get ideas. I hate to spend money on anything that I can sew, crochet, building or refab. I make my own laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dog shampoo, bath bombs, etc etc etc. I guess a lot of times it is because I don’t have the money to buy what I really want so I just make my own. I usually have most of what I need to make something but not always do I have what I want so I just get busy and make it. For instance, I watch a little 9 month old during the day and needed a way to be able to get things done when he was here because he always wanted held. I didn’t of course have a baby carrier and couldn’t find one that wasn’t over $30 so I searched Pinterest for ideas. Well low and behold someone had a pattern and instructions on how to make one. I have plenty of material on hand so I just made one. Took me about an hour and a few yards of material but now I can carry him around the house or down to the mailbox without having to just carrying him in my arms. I know not everyone has the supplies always on hand to do every craft or project but you can build a little surplus without much troubles.  I search thrift stores for material, yarn and more to keep a nice supply of extra times. Sometimes you can even buy a sheet or a large shirt, dress, etc for just the material. Our local thrift store has a half price day and that is a great time to stock pile those things.  I recently found a project on Pinterest that uses a men’s dress shirt to make aprons. They are adorable and of course washable and don’t take a lot of time to finish.

I can also find things just along the street that may need updated or painted that turn into great treasures.  I needed a shelf to store my craft supplies but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t metal or cheap looking. One day I was on my way to the store and the neighbor down the road, had put a nice two shelf wooded shelf unit out for garbage collection. I stopped, put it in the back of my jeep and brought it home. The back was lose and it had some stickers on it but otherwise the wood was in great shape. So I scraped all the stickers off and had some chalk paint left over from a previous project and went to town painting it. As it turned out it has been a great addition to my sewing and craft room and didn’t cost me a cent.

So the next time you need an organizer or shelf or just something to carry a baby around. Check online, check your supplies and get busy.

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